Enkhbaatar Tseveen

Enkhbaatar Tseveen was Head of Technology Management Department at School of Business Administration and  Humanities of Mongolian University of Science and Technology from 2017 to 2018. Since 2018 is working as professor at the same department.

Professor Enkhbaatar is specialized in principles of Principles of Management, Organizational behavior, Production and operating management, Safety management. His primary research area is Production Management and Planning and Occupational Safety. He has published his works in many academic journals of Mongolian and Foreign universities. He is also expert consultant for numerous business organizations in the area of Management and Occupational Safety.

Professor Enkhbaatar received his Bachelor of Arts in Management and got doctor degree at The Management Academy in Mongolia. Professor has professional experience working as a manager at Montavilga LLC from 1991 to 2001.

Areas of expertise: Production management and planning

Selected publications:

Dissertation (Ph.D)

 “Improving the production management of the export-oriented sectors”, Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Academy of Management, 2007

Single Author

Research for industrialization in Mongolia, 2010• Research for export-oriented production management, 2008• Improving the export-oriented production management, 2007

Published articles, reports

  1. “Canadian House”, 10 series publications, www.barilga.mn journal, 2012
  2. Engineered wooden materials, MUST, Research Journal, number 2/137, 2013
  3. Research results regarding the physical and mechanical properties of birch tree, MUST, Research Journal, number 2/82, 2014
  4. Analysis of development on study technology at technology at leather production sector, Management & Innovation Scientific journal, ICIED- 2016
  5. Methods for improving the education system for work environment safety and hygienics, Management and Innovation Journal, 2018
  6. Risk management of the changing period, Management and Innovation Journal, 2018


  1. 2021 Leading Worker in Science
  2. 2019 Altangadas Medal
  3. 2016 Leading Worker in Education
  4. 2014 Honorable Worker in Forestry
  5. 2013 Medal of the Governor General of Canada

Otgon Tserennadmid

Otgon Tserennadmid was Dean and Professor of Accounting at Business school at Global Leadership University from 2011 to 2020. Professor Otgon is specialized in managerial accounting, financial accounting, cost accounting, intermediate accounting and financial statements analysis. Her primary research area is Productivity Management of Higher Education.

She has published her works in many academic journals of Mongolia universities. She is also expert consultant for numerous business organizations in the area of accounting and tax laws.
Professor Otgon received her Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Accounting at Trade and Production University in Mongolia and is studying at Doctoral Program of Ulaanbaatar Erdem University. Professor Otgon is also a licensed C.P.A. in Mongolia and has professional experience working as a financial accountant at Montavilga LLC from 2001 to 2009.

Areas of expertise: Productivity management of Mongolian higher education

Selected publications:

  1. Modern trends of higher education financing, Research Conference, 2016
  2. Managing higher education by productivity – Research Conference, Research Publication, 2018

Multiply Authors:

  • Financial accounting, Textbook, 2016
  • Cost and management accounting, Guideline, 2018


  1. 2019 Leading Worker in Accounting
  2. 2017 Leading Worker in Education

Battsetseg Gantumur

M.B.A. Currently pursuing MBA degree at Devry university, Chicago, Illinois

M.S.; National Chiayi University; Chiayi, Taiwan

B.A. in Education; Mongolian National University of Education; Ulaanbaatar; Mongolia

I earned my bachelor’s degree in 2009 as a Russian and English teacher. Since then, I have
been teaching all level of ESL classes from young to adult students. After a few years of teaching,
I decided to study again and enrolled National Chiayi University in 2015 and graduated with
master’s degree in tourism and management in 2017. While I studied there, I did a research work
on e-learning system continuance intention and the importance of two-way knowledge creation
between teachers and students.
In 2019, I enrolled in Devry university to earn master’s degree in business administration
and will graduate soon.
In my free time, I teach Mongolian language to foreigners from all around the world. In
general, I love teaching and helping people with what I know.

Enkhmurun Odgiiv

M.Sc.; National Chiayi University; Chiayi, Taiwan
B.B.A in Financial Management; Global Leadership University, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
Enkhmurun Odgiiv is an experienced manager, educator, qualitative researcher, team leader in tourism, marketing and general management, beauty, medical education and logistic industries. Her professional background includes the research assistant in medical education professionalism and ethical dilemmas at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and Chang Gung University and she has done her Master’s thesis as ‘Re-conceptualization of Tour Leader’s Charisma’. She has
also organized several Fine-Art exhibitions presented by Mongolian artists.

Additionally, she was tour leader and manager at Mongolie Nomade, inbound travel agency providing adventure tours and horseback riding travel. She also founded her own travel agency in 2013 after her graduation which she has managed until 2016. She has also managed private luxuries Spa club. Moreover, she has also managed logistics and customs of Mongolian duty-free goods distribution system at Prestige Supplies inc based in Dubai. She also started teaching from her undergraduate years. She has served as youth ministry leader almost 3 years at Every Nation Christian church Mongolia where she led small groups, one to one discipline as well as meetings for all teenagers in the  church.

She also volunteered her time improving the lives and the quality of poor and lower-income students which she has given foods, clothes as well as teaching lessons. She has been actively teaching English and Tour Leader’s course for adults. She has  given several lectures about Mongolian history, Mongolian travel
routes, Asian travel routes as well as fish theology to the native speaker ESL teachers.

Welly Arzaqi Nafiatin

Versatile, innovative and committed professional educator with dynamic practical experiences who aims to create a friendly, gender-sensitive, inclusive, safe and motivating space for diverse learners.

Welly Arzaqi Nafiatin is a passionate, energetic, self-motivated with an outgoing personality and commitment to success. She holds master degree certificate in Tourism Management and has been an ESL teacher for the past 2 years. Welly has worked with students of all ages and in a variety of settings including one on one private instruction, private schools, and online. Welly enjoys working with people from diverse cultures. Able to work under pressure, on own initiative, and as part of a team. Proven analytical thinking in dealing with complexities.

Apart from teaching, she worked for Taiwan government-owned heritage and cultural center to promote local cultures and to guide visitors. She also did remote job at the only native-owned learning language App company based in Canada, the industry leader in language revitalization and innovation across Canada and USA. Beside all of her experiences above, she worked as a volunteer teacher at some foundations teaching English to low-litearcy people. She believes that both her professional experiences in hospitality and teaching field, she has to deliver what she has learned in the university to be applied as a gift to the people in need.
She is a communicative person. Her goal is to guide young learners towards reaching their full potential by understanding, utilizing, and innovating modern approaches to education.

Her work history is somewhat diverse, but she has been successful in every job. She is able to thrive in many different situations, a quality that is due somewhat in part to her lengthy amount of time spent living in cross-cultural situations. Multiculturalism is a lifelong passion of her, but she also enjoys jobs that use of her creative talents. However, Welly is confident of her ability to succeed in just about any job situation.

Uyanga Burentugs

Uyanga Burentugs is the Foreign Affair’s manager of “OG Family” LLC, a trading company that imports and sales products for Mongolian kids. Uyanga specializes in management of  International business and establish relations with external suppliers and customers. Uyanga is a powerful force in the workplace and uses her positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed. Uyanga is inspired daily by her husband daughter. In her free time, Uyanga likes to read novels, learn Chinese and swimming.

Trang Thi Pham

I was a student at the Hanoi University of Business and Technology. I majored in Finance and Banking as I am highly interested in research finance. I participated in extracurricular activities, such as the student union and the computer club. Owing to these opportunities, I was elected as a student representative of the student union. My duty was to manage all the expenses of all students’ activities.

In 2010, I have been hired as part-time Personally Financial Consultant for Sacombank. It is one of the most famous banks in Vietnam. My work is consulting customers about required documents to borrow or lend money. After I graduated, I worked for Thang Long Ford Corporation as an accountant till 2012. During working, I realized that my knowledge still limit and Vietnam working environment have not internationality yet. Therefore, I decided to study on aboard. I choose Chung Yuan Christian University, in Taiwan for Master Degree of International Business Administration. This school was encouraged and supported me a lot to do research. They provided me (Distinguished International Student Graduate Scholarship) DISG scholarship, the one that Chung Yuan Christian University offering for qualified International students. In the second year of Master Degree I started to work with my thesis in International Financial field. I was tried to examine the international financial linkages between East-Asian countries and the world by using a global vector autoregressive (GVAR) approach. After one month of hard working, I finally got the results. Moreover, my paper was accepted at the Cambridge Business & Economics Conference, in Cambridge University, London, UK.

In September, 2017, I got a Distinguished International Graduate Scholarship (DIGS) for Ph.D. grogram from Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan. Until December, 2022, I received the Doctor degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering, with DISTINCTION at Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan. My doctoral thesis titled “Reliability Evaluation of Battery-Energy-Storage and Solar-Energy-Generating Sources in Microgrids under Dynamic and Transient Operation”. My current research fields include quality management, operation management, supply chain management.

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